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Website operation refers to all the work related to the later operation of the website in the network marketing system. Refers to all behaviors related to the later operation and operation of the website in order to improve the efficiency of the website serving users; the scope usually includes website content update maintenance, website server maintenance, website process optimization, data mining analysis, user research management, website Marketing planning, etc. The following Shiyan website operation hosting company teaches you website operation skills.
1. Pull sponsorship
Every website has operating costs, and the back-end computers and servers are running 24 hours a day. This requires a lot of funding sources, so we must first learn to sponsor.
2, push
For large domestic Internet companies, link their websites on the websites of these companies and increase their popularity through their popularity.
Put some hot topics on the website in a prominent place, including sports, life, society, current affairs, etc.
Some of the most popular novels on the market can buy some copyrights and hang them on your website to increase page views!
For the prominent position of the website, you can do some bidding activities to attract more manufacturers to advertise here and increase the popularity of your network.
6, excellent service
The users of this website are most of the netizens. To put it plainly is to serve them. Therefore, if you want to operate a website well, you must optimize your service model.
The above is the content of today's knowledge. I believe that it will be helpful for everyone to master it. If you need related technical services, please contact Weite Zhizhuo.
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