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Shiyan website operation hosting company teaches you how to do website operation

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Have to say whether a website can operate normally, the article plays a key role. The cost of SEO optimization is getting more and more expensive, and the quality of articles is becoming more and more important. Today, how to write articles on the website, how can your articles gain the favor of users? The following Shiyan website operation hosting companies teach you how to do website operation:
Attractive title
In the era of information fragmentation, many people read the news and find information quickly, and there is still limited time. Is the title of an article attractive? Only if it meets the information I want to find, I will continue to browse. If it is not the information I want, I will exit directly. For the content of the website, you can write Some article summaries and subtitles can attract customers and satisfy his purpose of finding information.
2.The article is easy to understand
Customers are just a bunch of people, so do n’t write articles that look very esoteric, because customers do n’t understand at all, you have to remember that customers come to your website just to satisfy the information he is looking for, for example, customers need How much money to find a website, then he only cares about the price, and does not care about other things. If you blow your website upside down, you just do n’t talk about the price, and you do n’t meet the basic search needs of customers. As an example, a large number of people on didn't want to watch, and they didn't know how to start. Therefore, empty theory and tedious data are not suitable for users. Don't explain it because you feel simple when writing an article. Your article is not written for yourself or for experts, but for ordinary users. write.
3, page keyword selection specifications
In the keyword selection, you can take the form of specific keywords + main keywords. In some cases, the title can also be used as a more specific keyword. From the perspective of the audience, combined with some users' search habits, fill in the corresponding keywords. Different keywords must be separated by commas in English. It is advisable to use 3-5 keywords.
4, picture specifications
All uploaded images should add the ALT attribute, and the ALT attribute must match the content of the picture itself, and also include page keywords as much as possible. Each picture should be accompanied by appropriate text descriptions, and the text descriptions should include page keywords. For articles with text, try not to display images at the beginning of the article.
5. Construction of internal and external contacts
The construction of the internal chain, the so-called internal chain construction, is based on the core keywords involved in this news, plus the hyperlink to this news. You also need to externally link this news separately. A high-quality external link can help search engines better and better include your news.
Of course, a website operation is not enough to have articles. Properly increasing user activity to increase user activity is to stick users to the product through song means. To do this, either the product is great and the user actively "plays". , Or take some external means to stimulate users to "play", such as many APPs have points mall. Common external stimuli can be divided into: reminders, incentives, and activities. Reminder is to send reminder information to users through letters, text messages, emails, etc. Incentive means to encourage users to use the product more frequently with some virtual currencies, grades, rewards, etc. Activities are to plan some activities, usually to provide users with real Interests to arouse the enthusiasm of users.
The above are the tips for website operation shared today. If you want to know more, please contact Weite Zhizhuo!
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