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What are the key points to pay attention to when operating the Shiyan website?

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1. Website operations must be familiar with the traditional economy and the basics of website operations, as well as learning about website operations. This can be better achieved. The combination of advanced Internet technology and traditional industries provides a more convenient way for netizens. Service.
2. Do website operations, do a good job of positioning your website, and develop long-term and short-term experience goals for your website
3. Establish an orderly and smooth business operation mechanism
4, pragmatic integration of corporate resources, according to their own resources and economic strength to complete the operation and promotion, do not swell face fat.
5, the construction of the website must be delicate, must not be hastily, website construction and website brand promotion intensive work, strengthen process control!
6. For website operation, we will pay attention to the methods of website operation and promotion and the aspects related to website operation and promotion.
7. Follow the standard promotion process and control the process
8. Do a good job of website operation and website brand promotion evaluation and summary to facilitate future improvement and modification.
9. The essence of operation is production and sales, so the focus is on what the user needs, what you can do for the user, what convenience, value, and information the user can get from your site. We need to do in terms of user needs and market analysis. Work so that you will not be blind and not pay too much attention to technology. Technology is only a display and performance of your content, products, and services. At the same time, you must know how to promote and how to promote sales on the website. Do n’t understand that promotion is SEO, these are PPC, a lot, learn from the promotion ideas of traditional industries, you will see that sometimes you can do more with less;
10. Doing website operations requires the thinking and planning skills of advertisers. Otherwise, it is difficult for the website to advance at a certain stage. Traditional advertising is very experienced and impactful in packaging and design. The Internet is also in Publicity. If users come to your website and do n’t know what you ’re advertising, you ca n’t give users a good first impression, then I think your website has at least no features and cannot be remembered and used by users;
11. Do a good job in website operation. The operation needs to pay close attention to the information of the peer industry, learn from each other, improve the quality of yourself and the website, better understand and understand an industry, whether it is profit or user group. Only in this way can you be in operation. Being competitive, learning to absorb the advantages of competitors to continuously improve yourself is also essential for a suitable operating staff.
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