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What are the successful Shiyan website operations?

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One-on-one consultation 1: Website layout and page beautification

The content of the website should be planned strictly according to the needs of the users, not to see how beautiful your web design is, but whether your website is helpful to users, whether it can meet their needs in the first place, and whether it is practical.

2: Website Product Uniformity

If you don't have a solid foundation (operating funds, energy, professional talents), if you make a new website, don't make the website look good, big and comprehensive, and make it like a portal site, including all products, such a website It's hard to have your own unique selling point. In addition, maintenance and operation will be very troublesome, and it is often difficult for such enterprises to develop. If you do not have a basic website, you can choose the industry that you are best at, with little or no competition. It can highlight the websites you buy and attract people, ensure the unity of the product, and make it into a specialty store. In this way, your website can easily become the best in the industry. When your website develops to a certain period, with the foundation, you can design more wrong products and content, because you want to make more money, you You have to do it.

3: Is the website popular?

What the new era website is doing is to differentiate, and to meet the needs of users under different circumstances. These are not enough. You also need to be more popular, so that your website has an absolute advantage.

4: Advertising Operation Skills

Try not to insert advertisements in the early stage of the website, to give users the best experience, and to solve the current problems is the most important. When your user group grows, that is, when your user audience increases, consider placing appropriate pages on the page. Advertising increases income, and many people start to think of making money before they start to operate. Then he was wrong at the beginning and could not make money. The reason is not to be questioned?
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5: Appropriate profit model

Many webmasters can quickly accumulate a certain user base, but cannot find a suitable profit model. If the website is to develop, if it has not been profitable, the living space will be very narrow. In addition to controlling labor costs, exploring the viable and valuable profit models of websites will be something that every webmaster or CEO must face. There is no uniform solution, but you can learn from some successful website monetization models.

Website operation is a long-term and arduous task, which can only be carried forward slowly through continuous improvement in practice. QQ Consulting
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