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Introduce some daily work of Shiyan website operation

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How to operate
Website operation refers to all the work related to the later operation of the website in the network marketing system.
In terms of China's Internet development trend, the operation of websites should be integrated into the overall operating system of the enterprise, and the network should be organically integrated with the original mechanism, so as to realize the commercial potential of the website and online marketing.
The website operation of an enterprise includes a lot of content, such as website promotion and promotion, network marketing management, improvement of the website, post-updating and maintenance of the website, and corporate operation of the website. The most important of these is the maintenance and promotion of the website.
"Informatization" was not as simple as investing in a website at one time. The more important task was the long-term update and promotion process after the website was built.
Website maintenance involves resource and cost issues, but as long as you use the right work, most small and medium-sized enterprises' website maintenance resources and costs are not too high. The corporate website is mainly to update products and description text. Generally, small and medium-sized enterprises' websites do not have a background content management system. Web page updates require people who know how to do web pages, but most companies do not have such talents (although learning to do web pages is not difficult). One way is to set the terms of the webpage update service when signing a contract with a web company that is a website. Do not ignore this problem in the contract. It is very passive to go to the web company when you need to update.
Website orientation
From the design of a website to the start of operation, it should already exist in it. Each product is born for the operation of the website. If the operator is involved in the design of the website, he can make his goal direction in operation clear. And accurate. There are many things a website operator has to do in website operations.
At the same time, it is clear that how to operate includes many directions, and you must aim at these directions to achieve successful operations.
1. Target customers: Yes, it is easy to say. Someone may say that I am talking nonsense again, but how many of them can be done for the sake of customers? It's hard to imagine too few people really thinking about customers. Many websites always say how good their products are and what they can provide to customers, but they rarely think of what they can do for customers and what they can bring to customers. This is the most important thing. Therefore, in product design, it is necessary to complete the impossible tasks again and again with operations to solve these problems in order to increase the probability of website success.
2. Aiming at the market direction: An important factor that market operations have always considered is what kind of "people" group to choose as the market. This is a very high knowledge. Finding the market includes finding market channels for the website, when the website is suitable for what kind of operation mode, and what resources can be integrated. These are important directions for operating a website.
3. Cooperation and win-win situation: Yes, it is difficult to survive without cooperation. It is not only the cooperation between the company and the company, but also the cooperation with the outside world. Word of mouth, blogs, forum advertisements, etc. are all necessary for cooperative promotion. It is very important for other related websites and the cooperation of traditional business partners. Only on the premise that the website's own information cooperation increases will the chance of successful operation increase greatly. When doing operations, every detail must be taken into consideration and cannot be ignored.
Website stickiness
To increase the stickiness of a website, you must first ensure that your website content is suitable for the target user, and then there are four important opportunities to grasp:
1. At the moment of website design, marketing has started from the design of the website.
On the art and seo, for a website with good content, the art and seo are very important. For the art, most of the netizens' requirements for the art are getting higher and higher. Assurance of affinity, and SEO determines the technical quality of the website itself. This makes the website more informative on search engines than other similar types of websites and enables them to get more attention and clicks from Internet users. So website marketing does not start after the website appears, these have already begun when the website is planned.
2. Website promotion moment. At this moment, there are many ways to promote the website. It is very important to find the method and steps that suit you. It is to save costs on the one hand and to get traffic on the other. At this time, SEO and advertising are swapped, and the link is very important.
SEO determines the ranking of the website to a certain extent. Good rankings bring considerable traffic. There are many netizens who can quickly find you. The keywords make your promotion better than any other advertising method. Much more. So the search engine has a decisive role. No matter which engine submits it as much as possible, there are many benefits. Advertising swap, if you have a partner, don't put a blank on your own ads for rent, and swap it with your partner, it has enriched the website and got publicity, and the fun is endless! Friendly links, well-connected counterparties, and increased levels of the website also get rankings and publicity. Only by doing so may good results be achieved.
3. Netizen browsing (first impression principle) Netizen browsing is mainly to find useful information for yourself. It is by no means attracted by advertisements. Appropriate content is always the only thing for you and netizens. Only in this way can netizens be attracted.
4. Keep your content fresh and old at the time of the update. The new 3/4 is always ahead of the outdated content. Keep this level, that is, you will not be too tired or lose Internet users. Keeping execution is king.
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