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Shiyan SEO companies share how search engines work

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One-on-one consultation Shiyan SEO companies share the working principle of search engines. The number of web pages on the Internet is in the tens of billions of billions. These websites are stored on different servers and are distributed in data centers and computer rooms around the world. It is almost impossible for a search engine to crawl all the web pages on the Internet.

Judging from the data released so far, the search engine with the largest capacity has only crawled about forty percent of the total number of web pages. On the one hand, there is a bottleneck in the crawling technology, and it is impossible to traverse all web pages, and many web pages cannot be found from links on other web pages. There will be efficiency implications. Therefore, many search engine web spiders only crawl those important web pages, and the main reason for evaluating the importance is the link depth of a web page. QQ Consulting
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