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Shiyan website ranking optimization expert analyzes why the website keywords are not ranked

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The keywords that need to be optimized in the SEO optimization industry are uncertain, and the keywords provided in many industries we are in contact with are also uncertain. In our process of SEO optimization, many people find that there are many words that make it impossible to reach the homepage. After analyzing many reasons but still no improvement, then what are the reasons for the website keywords being delayed on the homepage? Next, Shiyan's website ranking optimization experts analyzed the reasons why the website keywords were not ranked.
Check the website server for problems
The web space server is the key factor in determining the speed of opening the website and whether it is stuck. If a website opens very slowly, it is not good for spiders and traffic delivery. Search engine spiders do not come to crawl the website. The inclusion of the content will definitely not increase or may even decrease. The impact on the ranking of the website is relatively large, so we must ensure that there is a suitable web space server.
Whether the website procedures and structure are reasonable
Website programs are the soul of whether a website can run normally. Many webmasters frequently delete website programs when performing SEO optimization. Frequent deletion of website programs from websites may cause pages on some websites to fail to open properly, resulting in 404 pages, and may even cause the website to fail to open. There is also a situation where frequent deletion of website programs may cause the website to be garbled and the organization layout of the website to be disordered. Failure to find it for a long time will inevitably affect the effectiveness of the website's in-site optimization. So when we optimize SEO, try not to delete the website program.
Query website for too many duplicate pages
There are too many duplicate pages on the website, including article pages, section pages, product pages, etc. Websites, especially article pages, may have a large number of pages with a high degree of similarity, and pages with a high degree of similarity will inevitably affect the search engine's rating of the website and affect the optimization effect. Therefore, if we find that the optimization effect of the website is not significant, we must check the similarity of the website pages in time, delete as much as possible, and slowly improve the rating of the website.
Website user experience
At present, search engines continue to adjust the user experience of the website through continuous updating of algorithms, and search engines pay more attention to the user experience of the website. At present, everything on the website is in place, that is, the user experience is not good, and the search engine also locates the website's rating based on the user's stay time, which is also the reason why the website optimization effect is not good for a long time.
The above is the reason why the editor of Shiyan Weite Zhizhuo wants to share with you that the keywords are not on the ranking. I hope to help everyone. For more related content and services, please continue to pay attention to Shiyan Weite Zhizhuo website platform.
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