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Shiyan SEO optimization company shares new website to quickly improve ranking methods

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With the continuous rise of the e-commerce industry, major companies have established their own marketing websites, but the newly created website has not had any effect and cannot help enterprises to achieve the desired goals and tasks. The method of quickly improving the ranking of new websites is hoped to be helpful to major new website owners.
First, a lot of short content
Short content is a common phenomenon in website content. Some websites are mostly UGC content due to their own site structure; some websites are affected by the incident. A few words of a small incident can explain it, resulting in a large amount of body content of only 200-300 words, or even less. Content of the text. Short content is not a high-quality content resource in itself. If a lot of empty content appears on the website, it will affect the evaluation of the website to a certain extent. In view of this phenomenon, the website must pay more attention to it.
Dead chain & external chain processing
At present, the external links in the website have rarely affected the site evaluation of the website, but it does not mean that the website can completely ignore the external links; if the external links in the page are dead links, it is very unfriendly to the user experience itself Behavior, a large number of dead links on the website will also affect the site evaluation. It is recommended to regularly clean up the dead links and external links of the website.
User experience optimization
The ultimate goal of making a website is to retain and deepen the conversion of users; this requires the website to have strict control over the quality and experience of the page in providing content. Many of these search engines consider good settings and problems that are difficult to solve. We help search engines solve some of the problems on our website, and set the search engine settings that are considered good on our website to improve the "search Engine friendliness. " The existence of SEO is to help search engines solve the problem of processing our website, so as to get more traffic from search engines. It's not for those settings that search engines think are good, and hurt the user experience itself to do these behaviors. Our website is for users, not search engines, search engines are just a channel for us to get traffic. You can't just search.
Fourth, the setting and search needs of TDK
TDK (title, description, keywords) are very important tags for a website. In particular, title, it can be said that this position is invaluable. Title and keywords directly affect the display to search users. What you want to show users must be presented to users in the shortest and most convenient way.
Five, content crawling
Crawlability friendly means that when a search engine crawler crawls your webpage and finds nothing, then it thinks that your webpage is of low quality, but actually your webpage content is very rich.
There are so many suggestions for new website SEO, please make improvements and optimizations on your own website. If you can't solve it yourself, you can contact us to provide you with all the services of website optimization, including your satisfaction.
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