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Shiyan website optimization experts tell you how to avoid optimization without ranking

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Webmasters know that the purpose of website optimization is to get the website included, but there are many times when you will continue to optimize, you still do n’t see the website included, let alone have a ranking on Baidu. Today, Shiyan website optimization experts will teach Everyone has some tips to prevent this from happening.
1. Reasonable keyword layout
When spiders come to our website, the first thing to read is the code of the website's homepage, and the layout of the keywords is reasonable (the density of the keyword layout cannot exceed 2%), so that the spider can remember your keywords without thinking that they are building The key word is also to cater to spiders' increased trust performance.
2. Many levels of website directory
The website's directory is too deep. When the spider comes to crawl, its crawl time will be greatly extended. The spider does not like this form now. After all, the prerequisite for the page to participate in the ranking is that the page is included in the search engine. So it's best to have a directory at a glance for spiders to crawl and index easily.
3.There are problems with website keywords
Whether the core keywords or long tail words are based on user needs, when the website is optimized without ranking, you need to remember whether the original keyword positioning and analysis are correct. The correct TDK of the website is half of the optimization success. Otherwise, no matter how you optimize it, there will be no ranking.
4. Website structure is unreasonable
The layout of the website columns is unreasonable, resulting in a poor user experience. Search engines are mainly to cater to the search habits of customers. When the customer's experience is not good, customers will not click again. Search engines will lower you.
5. Website content quality
When users come to the website, they mostly search for the website after learning about the article. The content quality is not high and does not meet the user's needs, and the traffic will be less and less. Spiders like new high-quality content. If you add content at will Will also be included without ranking.
No execution
Optimizing is a long-term process, and the effective time period is long. Therefore, it is necessary to optimize the workers' long-term persistence. The website must be updated every day. New content can attract spiders to crawl and meet the new needs of users. There will be clicks to meet the needs of users, and with click rankings, it will slowly go up.
The above is the popularization content of today ’s website optimization knowledge. I hope it will be helpful for major webmasters to improve their website rankings as soon as possible. You can also contact Weite Zhizhuo to provide you with professional website optimization ranking promotion services.
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