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Now is the Internet age. As long as you open Baidu's websites made by others, many people think that website creation is very simple. There is a computer and you can make a website to take orders. In fact, there are still many articles in the content. Wanting a good website still requires a lot of money, now follow Shiyan Weite Zhizhuo experts to see how much money it takes to make a website
At present, the website production on the market generally ranges from several thousand to 10,000. Customized websites will look like 10,000 to 30,000, while comprehensive e-commerce platform websites need to be 30,000 to 50,000 or higher, which means functions. The more complex the demand, the higher the technological content, and the price will increase with the demand.
If you want to further estimate the price of the website you want to make, you must first understand the following points:
First make the necessary fees for a website
1. Cost of domain name application
A website must have a domain name. At present, the more commonly used domain name is the .com / .cn / .net domain name. The price of each suffix domain name is different. Generally speaking, there are tens to one or two hundred years. See For your specific needs, you can register yourself, or you can choose to register the third-party company that makes the website.
2. Server and web hosting lease fees
The server or host, the domain name of the website needs to be resolved (just like the home of the website data). Start-up companies can use cloud servers or cloud hosting, which can save a lot of costs, and the cost is about 500 yuan a year.
What kind of website do you want to make?
Before we started, we established the type of website we wanted to make. We wanted to do corporate station display, mall shopping sites, or official website promotion stations. Different websites had different prices.
According to the type and purpose of the website, the website construction method is determined. If the website has no special requirements in terms of function, design, layout, etc., it is recommended to choose a template to build the website to save costs and improve efficiency. It is more suitable for the official website of general display enterprises such as factories and building materials. However, if there are clear requirements on the functional requirements and design of the website, you need to customize the development of a certain requirement and design style. It is recommended to choose a custom website.
Website maintenance costs
After the website is completed, the third-party company will arrange post-sale staff to conduct basic website operation training for the customer, so that the company personnel can operate uploading articles, updating pictures, etc. by themselves. If the company is completely handed over to the third-party company to upload, it will involve costs Question, this cost is also based on the workload, and there are similar issues related to website revisions and other requirements.
Do you need to go to website promotion
There is no way to quantify this part of the cost. Some companies do websites for the purpose of “having a website” and do not need to perform promotion and optimization at all. However, some companies have more in-depth purposes for websites, such as using websites to increase sales. The so-called website marketing, the scope of website marketing is very wide, including seo, sem, etc., but each is not free.
In summary, different types of websites, different types of website building methods, different design requirements, and different development functions will affect the final cost of making a website. Therefore, at the beginning of the construction of the website, the company must have a clear direction for the intended website.
The above is the cost of enterprise website construction summarized by Shiyan Weitezhizhuo website experts. If you have website construction and website production needs, please contact us through the website. Years of website construction experience, one-stop service package are satisfactory.
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