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How to revise the website?

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The first is the revision of the existing domain name.

(1) All existing domain names are directly replaced, and all interfaces and links are replaced. This is called a major revision.

This revision recommends that the old content and data be retained, stored under a certain directory or second-level domain name of the website, and made a reasonable 301 jump rule, so that the relevant data of the old version of the website is still getting traffic, so that During the period of our major revision, search engines and users can find us through the old content, reducing unnecessary traffic and user losses.

(2) The existing domain name is just a change of the interface effect, which has become a minor revision.

This revision is a revision to promote user and website conversion and reduce the impact of the website on search engine optimization. The impact of this revision is low.

Note: The interface effect is revised, but the URL of the website cannot be revised, and the original URL is maintained. This can ensure that the search engine can crawl the previous content normally, and at the same time, it will hardly affect the ranking of relevant keywords on the website.


Note that after the revision, important URLs cannot be opened or modified.

Note that there is no problem with the data call after the revision.

Please pay attention to the offline test to ensure that there are no problems after going online, and you can't modify it directly online.

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The second is to change the domain name.

(1) The domain name is changed, and the interface and links are redesigned. This is called a major revision. This revision is called the site all overturned and rebuilt.

Ways to reduce losses:

Method 1: Parse a second-level domain name or directory and redirect the old website to this second-level domain name or directory according to certain rules, so as to ensure that previous users can still access our website normally.

It is recommended to use a second-level domain name. This will help the original website's ranking over this second-level domain name. The directory is affected by the main domain name, it is not easy to obtain rankings, and the directory structure is deepened, which will reduce the relevant weight.

This method is conducive to the concentration of traffic and the promotion and promotion of new website brands.

Method 2: Keep the old website. At the same time, all users of the old website will be notified of the change of the domain name. At the same time, every page of the website will be notified by the JS version of the website change.

This method is helpful to reduce the loss in the domain name replacement, but the content of the new website will be from scratch, and it will require a lot of effort in the content construction of the new website.

In addition, method two can also use the method of only the homepage to jump to the new domain name, passing the weight of the homepage in the past, which will help the new domain name homepage to obtain relevant rankings.

(2) The domain name is changed, the interface is revised, and the link remains unchanged. This is called a minor revision. This revision has a low impact on search engine optimization and is conducive to maintaining the current traffic and ranking of the website.

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