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Shiyan website production process?

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Shiyan website production process? Don't copy Witt Wisdom

The first step is to apply for a website.

1. Customers put forward basic requirements for website construction;

2. Provide information required for website construction.

The second step is to develop a website construction plan

1. The two parties negotiate, modify and supplement the content of the website construction to reach a consensus;

2. We provide the Website Construction Plan;

3. Both parties determine the specific details and prices of the construction plan.

The third step is to sign the relevant agreement and the customer pays the advance payment

1. The two parties signed the "Website Construction Contract";

2. Customer pays advance payment;

3. The customer provides information about the content of the website.

The fourth step is to complete the initial draft, and the construction is carried out after the customer confirms

1. Complete the first draft design according to the "Website Construction Plan"; homepage style channel homepage style website architecture diagram;

2. Customer review and confirm the first draft design;

3. We have completed the overall website production.

The fifth step is website testing. Customers browse and check online.

1. The customer performs the acceptance work according to the content of the agreement;

2. If the acceptance is qualified, the customer pays the balance to open the website;

3. We register domain names for customers, open website space, upload production files, and set up email addresses.

4. The client's domain name certificate and the client's website files are engraved into a CD and sent to the client to ensure the client's website rights.

Step 6. Website maintenance

1. Formal delivery to customers;

2. We maintain and update the client's website in accordance with relevant provisions such as the Website Construction Contract.

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