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Why APP?

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Why APP?

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Why do you need to develop an app? To catch up with the trend, to expand the propaganda body, to use it as a micro-shop, or to get your own mobile position?

With the rapid development of the mobile Internet, the hardware configuration of mobile devices is constantly optimized and improved, and the capabilities of smartphones are becoming stronger and stronger. Various sensors such as cameras, CPUs, and LBS have already become standard equipment for terminal mobile phones. The development of mobile APP has created more superior hardware conditions. It is undeniable that at the stage of rapid development of the development market, the innovative development of APP has always been the focus of attention of developers and users. Just like the popular APP development platform nowadays, whether they are developer apps or personal apps, the hardware conditions In the same situation, the product philosophy and user experience are the same.

No matter who it is, what is the significance of developing an app before you develop it? If it's just for the sake of the people, then stop. After all, there are countless APPs on the market. If you want to stand out from so many similar players, you must have excellence, and you must be clear. In the case of oversupply, consumers will only choose the best.

So, what benefits can a good app bring to developers?

1.App is the new propaganda carrier

The role of publicity in people's daily life is very important. In the past, we couldn't do without paper media and electronic media. Today, we can't do without online publicity. App is an important channel for online publicity. It is a new channel for product release. It can further realize the transformation from refined media to mobile media and single media to multimedia.
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2.Service is an indispensable role of App

The user experience of the product has been emphasized and valued by many APP development platforms. For example, the Dingdong · APP self-service production and operation platform has always been promoted by “understanding the user experience to improve and develop products”, which has been widely recognized by developers. know. We need to be clear that only through the rich product features of the App to interact with end users and meet the user's diverse service experience can we increase user stickiness. Therefore, in Ding Dong, developers can see the functional areas of various interactive services including push, members, and communities.

3.Apps and e-commerce

In the era of big e-commerce, apps have created a wide range of mobile sales channels for consumers. The development of applications such as the most familiar mobile phone Jingdong Mall and ecshop Mall are a major manifestation of the rapid development of e-commerce, which explains why More and more businesses are paying attention to the development of APPs and treating mobile client users as a mainstream consumer group. In [Clarins], you can see that its APP has set up modules such as product display and online shopping malls. As a native application, its fluency and stability are undoubted, while online shopping malls use the HTML5 embedding method. Realized, synchronized purchase with its Tmall mall.

APP development needs to think from the perspective of the user, and pay more attention to the user experience. Not only should they give them a beautiful visual experience, but also give them a beautiful use experience. However, the APPs produced using the APP development platform are mostly junior and few are excellent. This is mainly due to the vague design concepts of many APP developers. In addition, many individuals and merchants who customize apps do not know much about the development market. See The APP development tools swarmed up and did n’t know how to choose the APP platform that suits them. This led to the situation of “mechanized production”, which led to a flood of poor-quality apps. Money, manpower, and time were spent but always Didn't get the results it deserved.

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Therefore, the author here recommends that you must accurately position and customize the useful apps for your needs so that they will not be easily eliminated by the market.

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