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What are the advantages of triple play?

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With the rapid development of the Internet today, enterprises have been given more opportunities for competition, and the gap in market position between large enterprises and small and medium enterprises has been reduced. More and more companies are beginning to pay attention and enter the Internet market. Traditional industries have begun to diversify their marketing models. Traditional marketing models, due to incomplete information and narrow markets, have made it impossible to achieve a competitive advantage.

Nowadays, the Internet, as an important means of information, has created favorable conditions for small and medium-sized enterprises and can improve their competitiveness. This has gradually formed that the Internet has become the main market for many small and medium-sized enterprises.

But the more opportunities there are, the greater the competition. In a fierce struggle, only by grasping the opportunities can we seize the market! If you still only have a PC website, but no mobile station and microsite, then you are disregarding the hundreds of millions of mobile Internet markets? At present, only the integrated marketing model of pc website + Shiyan mobile website + micro website and three networks can play the ultimate experience in the Internet market.

PC Website (Computer Website):

A website that refers to the typesetting design of the screen on an ordinary PC or laptop. Only by browsing on an ordinary PC or laptop can you get the best user experience. This type of website can be collectively referred to as a computer website. You can also visit the Shiyan mobile phone website on your computer, but the computer's large display shows that the Shiyan mobile phone website is not fully utilized.
It can be as small as a few divisions, as large as a listed company, and a multinational company. It has its own website. A company that does not even have its own website, it is difficult to imagine what kind of company it is. Having your own corporate website is equivalent to registering in the Internet world and registering. There is no website belonging to the company itself, which will be forgotten by the world. It is a trend and a necessity for a business to have its own website.

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Shiyan Mobile Website:

Also called mobile device website, Wap website. It is a website specifically designed to typeset the screens of mobile devices such as mobile phones and tablets. Only by browsing on mobile devices such as mobile phones and tablets can you get the best user experience. This type of website can be collectively referred to as the Shiyan mobile website. With the increasing processing speed of smartphones, the current speed of smartphones is equivalent to 10 years of desktop computers, making it possible to access computer websites in mobile phones, but the user experience is extremely poor, and the webpage zooming is too small and inconsistent. Mobile phone operating habits, etc., so you need to design the Shiyan mobile phone website specifically for the mobile phone screen and its usage habits.

Therefore, it cannot be said that the website accessed in the mobile phone is the Shiyan mobile website, and the website accessed in the computer is the computer website.

Shiyan Mobile Website is a mobile phone-based website. Like mobile phones, Shiyan Mobile Website is fast and convenient to use, with small, basic functions. It should be developed today. With the continuous development of the Internet, Shiyan Mobile Website shows its own extraordinary features:

1. You can check the website information at any time, which is much faster than a computer. With one click, enter the product list and website immediately;
2. The number of mobile phone users is more than double that of computer users. It can be seen that the consumer groups covered by mobile phones are much larger than the consumer groups of computers. There are currently about 400 million computer owners nationwide, while mobile phone owners have reached more than 900 million.
3. At present, all major banks have opened online mobile payment functions, and pay directly for products purchased. A small Shiyan mobile website that can sell clothes, order food, and more.


WeChat website can also be called WeChat website for short. It uses the secondary development interface of WeChat public platform to connect Shiyan mobile phone website with WeChat to achieve the purpose of mutual communication and data sharing. Therefore, strictly speaking, it cannot be classified side by side with the computer website and the Shiyan mobile phone website, but since WeChat has hundreds of millions of users, there are many people speaking, so naturally this concept also exists.

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