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What are the characteristics and advantages of a marketing website?

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What are the characteristics and advantages of a marketing website? Don't copy Witt Wisdom

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Shiyan marketing website features one: the overall user experience of the website

1.Access speed (FLASH or large picture on the homepage, domestic multi-route access, server stability);

2. Website structure (whether the navigation bar is clear and the overall structure is suitable for marketing needs);

3.Website content (whether the company's advantages, product advantages, and service advantages are prominent);

4. Website design (coordinating colors, strong professionalism, and better handling of details);

5, the integrity of the website (that is, the credibility of the website, a certificate of qualification, an honor certificate, and a third-party certificate)

6. Contact information (Each product and service page has a direct contact method, so that customers can find you the first time).

Features of Shiyan Marketing Website 2: User Experience of Website Content

1.Title optimization (whether the homepage title, product page, or news page is targeted for keyword optimization);

2.Content optimization (core keyword content repetition frequency, content update rate, content originality);

3.Keyword optimization (Enterprise SWOT analysis, advantageous products and services, keyword list);

4.Friendly links (external links, internal links, high-link websites)

5.Core advantages (enterprise positioning, core product and service advantages);

Shiyan marketing website features three: website has marketing functions

Shiyan marketing websites need powerful marketing tools as support:

1. Online customer service system (website customer service, online grasp of sales opportunities, integration of QQ, EC, business bridge online functions, 400 national toll-free hotline: professional big company image, focus on brand and service, grasp business opportunities) When potential customers want to consult, No need to call or email, directly manage and communicate with the company's sales staff through the online customer service system.

2. Potential customer tracking system: There is a sentence in sales science: 80% of the transactions are realized after 5 tracking! Therefore, tracking of potential customers is very, very important, so if the company website comes with a The lead tracking system will greatly increase the conversion rate of sales.

3. Network marketing analysis system. Network marketing analysis system allows companies to understand their marketing status at a glance to help companies make better marketing decisions.

Shiyan marketing website features four: easy-to-operate background management system

The Shiyan marketing website must have a convenient and easy-to-operate background management system, because the background management system includes a news release system, product system, online message system, code writing system, etc., which determines the efficiency of website content updates and the convenience of management. It shows whether Shiyan marketing website is easy to use. A good management background has the following characteristics:

Don't copy Witt Wisdom

1. Unified website management background login, convenient for the whole station management.

2. The news system can release company news, industry news, and industry-related knowledge in time.

3. Self-managing products, convenient and easy-to-use product system, and can timely modify product and service information.

4. Online survey: interact with customers and get the most direct and true data directly from the front line, which is conducive to market decision-making.

Shiyan marketing website features five: Website design attaches importance to eyeball effects

Wei Tezhizhuo believes that a good Shiyan marketing website must pay attention to the eyeball effect of the entire website for users. That is, how to create the best user experience of pictures. The characteristics of Shiyan marketing website is the combination of graphics and text for display, so that customers can understand the meaning of the enterprise more intuitively. Therefore, a beautiful picture can attract the attention of many users. , Especially for product promotion. QQ Consulting
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