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What is a server?

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In fact, the appearance of the server is very similar to our host computer, the difference is that the server is a high-performance computer. The server is as important to our website as the soul. Website users without a server cannot browse at all. The server is like a stepping stone. No matter how good the website is in the search engine rankings, the website cannot be accessed, users cannot browse, and the user experience is also very bad.

Let's take a look at how servers are defined professionally? The server is called a high-performance computer, which can be used as a node in the network to store and process 80% of the data on the network. It can also be said that a server refers to a computer software that manages resources and provides services to users. It is usually divided into a file server, a database server, and an application server. A computer or computer system running the above software is also called a server. Compared with ordinary PCs, servers have higher requirements in terms of stability, security, and performance. Therefore, the server's CPU, chipset, memory, disk system, and network hardware are different from ordinary computers. The processor data Better performance.

Currently, there are two web server software that users use most: Microsoft's IIS and Apache. The most common operating systems for web servers are Windows, Linux, and Unix. Linux security in these three systems can support multiple hardware platforms at the same time, and it is open source software, the market price is lower. The operation of the Web server is simpler and the performance is superior. The current usage rate is very high, and the user group of Unix is relatively small!

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Didn't understand? Didn't understand? Easy to handle, let's explain the server in more general terms. What is a server? Generally speaking, the server and computer functions are the same. We can also call the server a computer, but the server has higher requirements for stability and security and processor data capabilities.

For example, we browse a website every day and find that the website can be accessed 24 hours a day. Why? The fundamental reason is that the website server cannot be shut down. It must be stable for a long time and must be accessed by many people. And performance is more demanding than ordinary computers.

Another example: if our computer is not shut down all year round, it may easily break down, but the server is different, and the server needs to work non-stop all year round. Therefore, we can understand this. In fact, the server is a higher-level computer than our general computer. It has a higher standard of work on various hardware. The internal hardware of the server is the same as the ordinary computer. composition.

However, it should be noted that because the server requires a higher processor speed, many motherboards on many servers can install multiple processors, multiple memories, and multiple hard disks, but the server has lower requirements for display performance, so Many servers do not require a monitor, so general servers use integrated graphics. Don't copy Witt Wisdom

The difference between the two is that, generally, our computers use Windows XP or Windows 7 systems, but the servers generally use server systems such as Windows 2000, Windows 2003, Windows 2008, and Linux. The internal interface is similar to Windows XP, but there are a few more Server application software.

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