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What is a domain name?

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The simplest understanding is to say that the domain name is the website URL. For example, our website address is actually a domain name on the Internet.

To build a website, you must first have your own company's domain name.

The domain name is composed of 26 Latin letters from a to z, 10 Arabic numerals from 0 to 9, and "-" and "." Symbols, and is arranged in a certain level and logic. It is consistent with the Internet Protocol (IP) address. Corresponding string of easy-to-remember characters.

Domain names are divided into international domain names and domestic domain names by type.

International domain names, also known as international top-level domain-names (iTDs), use the earliest and most widely used domain names. Such .com domain names refer to .com for industrial and commercial enterprises, .net for network providers, .org for non-profit organizations, etc.

Domestic domain names, also known as national top-level domain names (nTLDs), are domestic top-level domain names with different suffixes assigned according to the country. At present, more than 200 countries and regions have assigned top-level domain names according to ISO3166 country codes. For example, China is cn, the United States is us, and Japan is jp.

Domain names are classified into top-level domain names, second-level domain names, and third-level domain names according to current spam. Top-level domains are relative to second-level and third-level domains, such as top-level domains, and is a second-level domain, and is a third-level domain. Don't copy wtwit's articles

Different domain names have different meanings and different scopes. ac --- scientific research institutions com --- Commercial organizations, industrial, commercial, financial and other enterprises edu --- Educational institutions education institutions gov --- Governmental entities mil --- Military, military institutions arpa --- Come from ARPANet, a name inherited by ARPANET (Computer Network established by the US Department of Defense's Advanced Research Projects Agency), is used for the internal functions of the Internet net --- Network operations and service centers, Internet Information Center (NIC) And operation center (NOC) org --- Other organizations, various non-profit organizations biz --- web business guide, suitable for business companies (Note: biz is the customary abbreviation of business) info --- infomation, a pro --- professional company that provides information services, a gTLD name --- name for doctors, lawyers, accountants and other professionals, a coop --- cooperation for personal registration, and business Cooperative cooperative top-level domain aero --- aero, dedicated top-level domain for the air transport industry museum --- museum, suitable for The museum's exclusive top-level domain mobi --- the domain name asia for mobile networks --- the domain name tel for Asia --- the domain name for telephone int --- International organizations, international organizations cc --- original It is the abbreviation of the island country "Cocos (Keeling) Islands", but it can also be regarded as the abbreviation of "Commercial Company" (commercial company), so it is now open as a global international top-level domain name, mainly used in the commercial field. Short, easy to remember, beautiful, and easy to enter, it is a new generation of domain name tv --- It was originally a country code top-level domain name of Tuvalu in the Pacific island country Tuvalu, but because it is also an abbreviation of "television", so Now it is open as a global international top-level domain, mainly used in the fields of audio and video, film, television and other global radio and radio stations. Dear, COPY is useless!

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