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Is there a free Shiyan website?

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Is there a free Shiyan website ? Is it reliable to build a free website online? This is some individuals or small business owners who want to save money and have a website, they want to find free websites, but many people may be deceived because of this, free things may be more expensive than normal!

Now let's analyze why we are not free:

1. It takes technical staff time to build a website in Shiyan . If you do a free website in Shiyan , the company will not make any money. What do you pay these people?

2. The website requires domain name space to access. The company that builds the website must renew the fee every year. If Shiyan is a free website, what will the company pay for the annual domain name space fee?

So from these two points alone, it can be shown that there is no real free Shiyan website! !! !!

Then there are still some companies on the Internet promoting free websites. How do they lie? After our in-depth understanding, we share with you to prevent everyone from being deceived.

1. Give you a simple framework, any changes will be charged, and the cost is extremely high;

2. The website will be poisoned every few days. If you want to solve it, you have to buy a website protection service, and the price is very high; please respect the copyright of Weitezhizhuo

3. The website cannot be opened after a few days of empty space. If you want to solve the problem, you have to change the fee space. The price is certainly not cheap.

Therefore, our consumers must not be attracted by free things. They are greedy for cheap and suffer a lot. In the end, the website is not only ineffective, but also costs money.

If you are looking for a professional and formal online marketing company, please look for Weite Zhizhuo. We provide you with various high-quality Shiyan website construction, promotion, and operation services. Your consultation is welcome.

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