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How much does it cost to build a website in Shiyan?

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How much does it cost to build a website in Shiyan?

1. Standard Shiyan Website Construction

Shiyan's website construction plan with less investment, short cycle and quick site construction is suitable for small business promotion and personal Shiyan website construction plan. It has a clean and popular website design style. Price: 2000-4000 yuan.

2. Exquisite Shiyan Website Construction

The company's preferred Shiyan website construction plan is designed for small and medium-sized enterprises seeking the best cost-effectiveness. It is truly value-for-money and is targeted at small and medium-sized Shiyan enterprise website construction solutions. . Price: 3500-6000 yuan.

3. Shiyan marketing website construction

It is suitable for product display marketing, and the content displayed on the homepage is rich. With strong marketing ability, inquiry rate and conversion rate. Can promote both corporate brand and sales. Price: 6000-20000 yuan.

4. Construction of high-end brand Shiyan website

Shiyan's website construction plan preferred by groups and large enterprises is suitable for the construction of Shiyan websites of group companies' brand promotion and promotion. It is clean, atmospheric and exquisite creative style. Price: 8000-20000 yuan.

How much does it cost to make a website? The price of Shiyan website construction varies in the market. Each website is different due to the cost of building the website. The price of the website building company is different. Template websites can usually be set up within a few hours, so these websites are very cheap. Websites are traditional corporate websites, which have no effect at all for corporate network marketing. Enterprises need to make one-to-one customized websites to do so.

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