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What are the channels and methods for Shiyan network promotion?

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In the era of rapid development of the mobile Internet, no company or industry can't do without the promotion of the Internet. Marketing in the mobile Internet situation requires mastering the network promotion channels. We will share several Shiyan networks for you below. Promotion channels, I hope to help everyone.
(1) Search Engine SEO Promotion
Search engine promotion is a marketing method that uses search engine optimization, search engine rankings, and research on the popularity and relevance of keywords to achieve higher rankings on search engine results pages.
(II) Classified information and B2B platform
Classified information websites are classified according to different people's needs for easy searching. Therefore, the user group of classified information websites is often large, and it is one of the good channels for online promotion. It should be noted that when selecting classified information websites, you should choose some websites with high Pr, high ranking, and good results. Some recommended websites: 58 Tongcheng,,, Category 168,,,,, Good Horn,, Platform, Zhizhi, etc
In addition, the B2B platform is a model of e-commerce, which plays a significant role in directly acquiring customers. B2B platforms such as Alibaba, HC Network, and Hongyu Cloud are prominent in this respect.
(Three) soft text promotion
Soft text promotion, as the name suggests, is the use of articles to promote, the difference is that this article is a soft article, relatively rigid advertising, this article has "soft" characteristics. By writing a good product promotion article, and then posting it to some portals, forums, etc., it will definitely be very effective if you stick to it.
(D) Blog promotion
Blogs are now rigorously reviewing advertising blog posts, so learn to maintain a blog, avoid advertising as much as possible, and insert promotional information in the article content after a certain amount of traffic. The effect will be better, and the account should not be blocked.
(V) Information Flow Advertising
Information flow advertisements are advertisements that are located in the social media user's friend feed, or in information media and audiovisual media content streams. Information flow advertisements include other advertising platforms such as Tencent Guangdiantong, Today's Headline Advertising Platform, Sina Fantong, and Sohu.
Its delivery indicators are: interaction rate, cost-per-thousand-impressions, cost-per-click, download conversion rate, acquisition cost of a single activated user, user retention rate, and delivery skills. It can mainly plan multiple promotion points through the early stage Plan a large number of promotion ideas, quickly test the effect; second, find the target users to accurately target; also, we must focus on optimizing landing pages and improve click-through rates.
(6) Promotion from media platforms
From the media such as Baijiahao, Today's Headline, Big Fish, Penguin and other platforms, these are content publishing, content monetization and fan management platforms for content creators. Marketers can continuously output quality content, Good at catching hot news events, writing relevant commentary articles to cater to the headline users' reading tastes, on the one hand, it improves brand promotion, on the other hand, some self-media platforms can also leave promotion links or other promotion methods.
(VII) Forum promotion
Forum promotion covers a wide area and the cost is very low. Forums with higher weights almost delete advertisements in seconds, so the content requirements are almost higher and higher.
(8) WeChat promotion
WeChat promotion is a type of marketing model for enterprises or individuals in the era of online economy. It is a kind of online promotion method that has risen with the popularity of WeChat. WeChat promotion is mainly reflected in WeChat, circle of friends, and WeChat public account for marketing.
The above is the knowledge of Shiyan network promotion channels shared by Weite Zhizhuo Company. If you want to know more about the promotion channels, please contact us and we will answer questions one by one!
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