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Shiyan website promotion experts teach you how to do website promotion for SMEs

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In this era of the Internet, basically all types of small and medium-sized enterprises are looking forward to branding their websites and brands with the help of Internet technology, reasonably increasing the brand ’s exposure, and its customer inquiry and sales volume. Marketing promotion, how to do Shiyan network promotion marketing is the most effective, today Shiyan Witt Zhizhuo come to share with you.
1. Web page extraction traffic
Searching the web means launching according to the original aspect of people's written aspect of the promotion soft article. At first, it relied on high-weight news media and portals to obtain the ranking of the engine search. Later, it said that its own website wrote the promotion soft article according to long tail words. This is the best practical effect of obtaining the total customer traffic. A high-quality soft text promotion can generate a lot of traffic for the company, which brings great profits. Special attention should be paid to many companies writing and publishing articles. At that time, the foundation was very poor. The probability that this engine search is not included in Baidu is relatively large, and the actual results are relatively poor.
2. Business card
Baidu Encyclopedia is the company's network business card. The establishment of Baidu Encyclopedia is a new project that a company must do. That way, it can allow customers to better grasp the company, master the company's brand culture and corporate culture, and increase the customer's good impression. Therefore, Baidu The establishment of encyclopedia is the marketing promotion that the company must do, in which the interactive encyclopedia and encyclopedia is the service platform that everyone should care about.
3. Q & A Marketing
As the saying goes, there is a problem finding Du Niang. From this, it can be seen that collecting information on the Internet has also become a way for everyone to learn and train and obtain professional knowledge. Q & A marketing can not only generate total traffic for the company, but also create a good company. User evaluation and promotion planning, there are still quite a lot of Q & A sites. Playing Baidu Q & A easily will give you unexpected feelings. In addition, Q & A sites also have Sogou asking, knowing and so on.
4. Promotion platform
As we all know, B2B URLs have high weight values and total traffic, and the viscosity of customers is relatively high. The total traffic of such URLs is very satisfied with customers, and the accuracy of the total traffic will be relatively high. For example, the customers who enter can accurately search the relevant information they want, then they can use the advantages of this type of service platform to do marketing promotion, and then get a lot of potential customers.
5. Forum Marketing
The key is to go to related companies, carry out post announcements, and reply to marketing methods. The total traffic obtained by forum marketing is not very high, and it is not very accurate. However, writing some more professional technical articles to promote and find Customer requirements, so that you can get more potential customers.
The above are the five ways to share with you. This website promotes the distribution of resources outside the station. Shiyan Weitezhizhuo has summarized a lot of website knowledge for everyone based on its many years of practical operation experience. You can visit the official website for consulting related services and Knowledge solution.
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