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Shiyan website promotion experts tell you how to choose the right promotion channels in these four stages?

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After the company has built the website, the next issue to consider is how to promote its website. Shiyan Weitezhizhuo would like to remind that the promotion of the website is divided into four stages. In these four stages, To choose the corresponding promotion strategy and corresponding exposure channels to achieve more results with less effort.
The following Shiyan Weite Zhizhuo will introduce the corresponding strategies from four different stages: strong exposure, precise exposure, brand communication, and word-of-mouth construction:
I. Strong exposure
Strong exposure is to let customers know (who I am). The task at this stage is to make a large number of exposures, create a certain momentum to let more people see the company, that is, let more people have a first impression of the company. Shiyan Weite Zhizhuo recommends the opening advertisements of super APPs, such as Baidu's various APPs. They have the advantages of huge traffic and wide coverage. Of course, the cost will certainly not be low. The offline channel promotion effect will be better!
Second, improve precision exposure
Precise exposure is to let customers know (what I do). The task at this stage is to make users in need in the industrial ecology realize that the company can provide suitable and affordable products and services, so that the company's positioning is deep Is embedded in the user ’s cognition. At this stage, keywords and long-tail keywords need to be determined according to the user's search habits. To reach accurate users, you need to bid on the selected general keywords. Baidu's Aladdin and push film promotion are taken as an example. The cost at this stage is not low.
Brand communication
Brand communication is to let customers know and understand (my value). This stage is based on the exposure of the first two stages. The first is that the company has a certain influence in the industry ecology through strong exposure and precise exposure. The brand has already gained popularity among consumers, users will actively search for the company's brand, and competing brands in the industry will start to drive traffic. At this stage, companies need to put their own brand words, and promote conversion through in-depth communication with users. Baidu's brand area, brand matrix and other products have advantages in this regard.
4. Word of Mouth Construction
Word-of-mouth construction is to let customers know that they agree with and be loyal to (my advantage). The main task at this stage is to allow the majority of users to understand the advantages of the company, and to form verbal praise and publicity. It is an indispensable event that can determine the life and death of an enterprise. Word of mouth is not a company's full control. To do a good job and handle complaints in a timely manner, you can learn from Baidu Word of Mouth and Ali Word of Mouth.
Of course, these four stages are not completely separated and distinct. In many cases, in order to seize the window period, they are carried out simultaneously, but there is only focus.
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