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Shiyan network promotion experts introduce you to 6 effective methods of website promotion

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To operate a website, if you want to stand for a long time to treat it, the traffic of the website cannot be reversed. If the number of website inquiries is continuously increasing, you need to understand some necessary methods of website promotion, and the technology is constantly In the rising era, there are more and more website promotion methods. No matter which one is used, it will bring large or small traffic to the website. The following are some effective methods for website promotion by Shiyan website promotion experts.
Search Engine Optimization
This type of search engine optimization, also known as SEO optimization, is a website promotion method that every website owner must understand. In China, more than 80% of websites are born on Baidu and rely on SEO optimization. When a website leaves SEO it becomes worthless, so SEO promotion is suitable for all websites.
Content marketing
Most people do n’t know what content marketing is, because few people in China mention content marketing, and foreign content marketing is very popular. So what is content marketing?
Content marketing is the use of major media platforms to promote and publish the content of our website, improve the trust of our website, and thus achieve the purpose of marketing.
Soft text marketing
Soft text marketing is also very popular in some domestic companies. The use of soft text marketing to promote the website is also very good. You can copy the articles that Baidu has already included on your website, and then copy and publish them to major portals. , Large and small media sites like Sina, Netease, Sohu.
Put the knowledge you need to promote in the article, and leave your external link at the bottom of the soft article. From a SEO perspective, this website has voted for your website. It is friendly to SEO. The weighted websites are basically published on the same day and will get a good ranking on the second day.
Baidu bid ranking
Baidu bidding is also called SEM. It is the same as SEO. It promotes its website through search engines, but it directly purchases key words. It is a pay-per-click model.
Baidu's bidding was also very fierce. Since it was in the medical and beauty industries, Baidu was too greedy for money at that time, and later healed people.
Licensed Email Marketing
Licensed email marketing, also known as database marketing, is not very popular in China, but many marketing experts abroad like to use licensed email marketing. The main reason is that Chinese people do not like to read emails. It uses WeChat and QQ to communicate more.
However, for some internal communications, emails are used. Permit-style emails are different from mass emails. Users only have the right to subscribe to your emails, and you have permission to send emails to your users.
You can put your permission-type email subscription window on your website. When users subscribe to your email, you can use a series of emails to cultivate transactions.
Paid advertising is the most effective marketing method among website promotion methods, but its biggest disadvantage is that it requires money. Only by spending money, these platforms can show you advertising space.
On the Chinese Internet, there are many advertising platforms that can be placed, such as: today's headlines, search engines, Tencent ads, online alliances, etc ...
The most important part of advertising is the input-output ratio. When the output is greater than the input, then your ads can be delivered continuously. If your output is less than the input, you need to optimize your advertising account or copywriting.
The above is what we have today. If you do n’t know anything, or you need website promotion services, you can contact Shiyan Weite Zhizhuo Company. Eight years of website experience and one-stop service attitude will give you the whole process without Worry solve the problem.
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