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What to do to make online advertising effective? With the self-regulation of the search ranking industry triggered by the online advertising promotion plan, and the establishment and improvement of the industry regulatory bill, the cost-effective natural ranking optimization plan of the website corresponding to the search bid ranking has become more and more popular. The effect of transformation is more obvious. Shiyan Internet Promotion Company, Witt Zhizhuo, tells you what to do in order to be effective?
Take advantage of
To build momentum is to track hot spots. Internet promotion must understand how to build momentum and leverage, relying on the strength of popular events to help improve their exposure. This is the essentials that enterprises must master in the current network environment. At the same time, this is an excellent network promotion thinking. This is an important point for companies to invest in.
2. Data monitoring and analysis
In the past two years, big data has brought convenience to many Internet companies. In 2019, companies can also use the advantages of big data to analyze the effectiveness of network promotion, research user preferences, and view fan portraits. At the same time, data will greatly improve the work efficiency of employees.
3. Word of mouth
In the era when the self-media is so developed, word of mouth promotion brings a stronger advantage. For example, adding real reviews from customers on the website or product details pages, interactions in the circle of friends, and messages can become a way of word-of-mouth promotion. Enterprises can collect users' word-of-mouth evaluations in ways that are attractive, such as evaluation of courtesy, red envelope rewards, and interactive ranking rewards, to shape corporate brand reputation.
4. Focus on analyzing the behaviors and personal preferences of target customers
Each product of a company has its market positioning. To understand the profit model of the company, how to sell the product, whether there are geographical restrictions on the scope of sales, how the company is connected to consumption, and if you want to capture the needs of users, you must analyze the focus. Customers, according to the customer's previous data records and Internet behavior data, look at the total consumer group, age, gender, income, preferences, etc. The more detailed the data, the method by which users query information, and the focus of their products is on Where, the more detailed the data, the more targeted the promotion, and the higher the value of the promotion.
5. Do a good job of performance statistics, data analysis, and form reports
Do network promotion. In order to avoid blindness, you must make a plan, plan the key points of each time period, etc., and make relevant statistics for the effect of each stage, such as: how many inquiries per month and what key to search Inquiry, assigned business, record company related information and contacts, make follow-up records of inquiry, analyze which areas are deficient, which areas are well done, continue to be good and convenient, and adjust in a timely manner. To improve and continuously improve the conversion effect.
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