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Introduce several free online promotion methods based on your own experience

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One-on-one consultation The eight-character secret of website promotion is: dislocation competition, only the first. No matter what kind of website promotion method is divided from these eight words, it must also be carried out around these eight words. Here are some free internet promotion experiences for your reference based on your own experience.
I. Internet promotion speaks with facts
Since I did online promotion in 2007, I found that there is a big difference from the original traditional marketing. First of all, I feel that online promotion is an industry that completely uses customer orders to talk, because the effect of online promotion can be fully reflected Your site traffic, customer phone calls and direct negotiations come up. In addition, there are other parameters to test the promotion effect, such as how many people register, how many people buy, and the cost of each customer is clear. Those fuzzy effect evaluations that rely on celebrity endorsements and enhance brand awareness and reputation to measure advertising effectiveness are dwarfed by online promotion.
Finding the target audience
Products and services are targeted to specific target audiences. There are no blind products and services. Similarly, if you do not stick to the needs of products or services, do not promote online promotion around the characteristics of the products or services, and analyze the characteristics of the audience, blindly carry out online promotion, it will definitely return. For advertisers, wasting a lot of time and money is also a waste of resources. The first step to achieving good publicity is to analyze products and services, analyze the characteristics of audiences and individuals, and achieve precise goals. This is the first step in doing a good network promotion. User analysis generally includes factors such as gender, age, education, occupation, region, and professional experience. Of course, network behavior and network habits are also very important.
3. Rigorous and meticulous execution plan planning.
The planning of the plan is based on a series of market research. After the target audience is determined, it also analyzes the homogeneous competitors, industry conditions, etc., and analyzes the network behavior of the target audience. According to the above work basis, it is targeted and has steps. To formulate and implement planning plans, and integrate various online resources, forum postings, news releases, video dissemination, and other online promotion tools to comprehensively plan all publicity details and increase the enforceability of the plan to the highest level. Achieve the expected network promotion effect. There must be room for changes in the planning of the plan. Any plan may change with progress, so the setting of the plan is also malleable and malleable.
Fourth, the more original content on the website, the better
Website content construction must pay attention to the originality of the content, and do not blindly collect data from other sites. Ordinary quality original content will also leave more real impressions on users, and the reproduced information will respect the author's labor as much as possible. Crazy collection technology can only make websites discarded by users and search engines. Pseudo-original information can only make your website a garbage station that tricks search engine traffic and ad clicks. A webmaster or website operator can use collection technology to build ten or even dozens of garbage stations, but it is difficult to retain users for long-term development.
5. Channel construction and complete implementation and monitoring.
Have different plans at different times, even if your promotion method is free, be sure to determine the staged and feasible goals of website promotion. For example, in a certain period after the release, the number of independent visitors per day, the relative ranking compared to competitors, the performance in major search engines, the number of external links on the website, the number of registered users, etc. After finding the target audience, with the planning plan, accurate channel construction is needed, because channel construction is a fast way to deliver products and services to the audience. It is necessary to find convenient and smooth distribution channels, and at the same time to carry out online promotion Monitoring, to ensure the strong implementation of each stage and timely adjustment of the promotion strategy and amendment of the promotion plan. At the same time, monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of the promotion at each stage. If it does not meet the requirements or has problems, it needs to be adjusted at any time. In this way, the purpose of online promotion can be step by step, and ultimately promote product sales and increase the network visibility of the product or service. , Let search users find the products or services we need to promote as soon as possible. And the control and evaluation of the website promotion plan is to timely find out the problems in the process of network marketing and ensure the smooth progress of network marketing activities.
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