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Practical method for sharing super-wide network promotion

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At present, there are several main promotion methods: search engine promotion, B2B platform promotion, Weibo promotion, forum, message board promotion, WeChat, Weibo promotion, free blog promotion, forum promotion, QQ group promotion, Q & A website promotion, library, Document website promotion, video website promotion, self-media promotion, online bookmarking, encyclopedia promotion.
Introduction of specific promotion methods:
Search engine promotion: It should be said that search engine promotion is currently the most important method in network promotion, especially for the development of enterprise networks. There are two methods for search engine promotion: bid ranking and website optimization (SEO). Bid position ranking Buying advertising space is fast and flexible. Website optimization is the fundamental solution for search engine promotion, and it is the most cost-effective of all current online promotion methods.
B2B platform promotion: B2B platform is another important network promotion way for enterprises in addition to search engine promotion. These B2B platforms have a very high number of visits and popularity every day. Of course, the promotion of B2B platforms has many effects.
Weibo promotion: It is one of the most popular concepts of the Internet now, and represents the development trend of the Internet. In the development of the Internet, in addition to the two traditional functions of information retrieval and reading, more attention has been paid to the interaction and communication of netizens. But corporate blogs and blogs have begun to rise, and corporate blogs have played multiple roles in the event.
Forum and message board promotion: Many forums have high popularity and traffic. Network personnel should pay attention to the role of the forum. As long as the method is proper and well grasped, you can use the forum's high traffic and popularity to promote your website. Internet promotion speaks of a clever word, we must learn to use our strength to fight hard, pull out two or two pounds.
Promotion on WeChat and Weibo
Nowadays, WeChat and Weibo are very popular and many people use them. We can use them. You can directly publish the promotion copy and bring the website address to WeChat and Weibo. Let people repost it and increase coverage.
Free blog promotion
Use free blogs for promotion, such as Sina blog, Hexun blog, Netease blog, 1688 blog, blog garden, CNDS, 51CTO, as well as Douban, Zhihu, and some light blogs.
Forum Promotion
The forum has a lot of traffic and is a good place for promotion. We mainly go to some related forums, such as Baidu Post Bar, Webmaster Forum, IT Forum, Webmaster Home Forum, A5 Forum, Laggard Forum, Host Forum, Server Forum, Domain Name Forum, etc. Send an original post and bring your website address.
QQ group promotion
QQ group's popularity is still very high, and the effect is also good. Find some QQ groups of webmasters to promote. Of course, it is normal to be kicked. Don't brush the screen and be too advertising. WeChat groups can also be promoted.
Question and Answer Website Promotion
The effect of the Q & A website promotion is still good, such as Baidu Know, Zhihu Q & A, 360 Q & A, Sogou Q & A, etc. Some can bring links, and some don't bring links, which can be easily deleted.
Library and document website promotion
Such as Baidu Wenku,, 360doc, Daoke Baba, etc., write an article, bring your promotion link, and then upload it to Wenku website for promotion.
Video website promotion
For example, Youku, Tencent Video, iQiyi, etc. are used for promotion. You can make a video and upload it to a video website. You can link to your website with the video or add it to your profile.
Promotion from the media
Now the self-media is very hot, we can use the self-media to promote. For example, today ’s headlines, Baijia account, WeChat public account, and a little information have a lot of traffic, and generally do not delete good articles.
Web bookmark
Such as QQ bookmarks, music collection, good network corner, google bookmarks, delicious bookmarks and so on.
Encyclopedia promotion
Baidu Encyclopedia, 360 Encyclopedia, Sogou Encyclopedia, Interactive Encyclopedia, Wikipedia, etc. are promoted. Even if you ca n’t bring a URL, it ’s good for branding your website.
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