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Shiyan Mobile Website Production Company Explains Why Enterprises Make Mobile Websites

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One-on-one consultation Shiyan Mobile Website Production Company Explains Why Enterprises Want Mobile Websites:

1. The number of mobile phone user groups is far greater than the number of computer user groups; smartphones are widespread! 3G is coming! There is a custom on the phone! Mobile Internet Marketing! Overwhelming! You either follow the trend! Either eliminated by the trend!

2. Mobile phones are quickly becoming the most commonly used method for people. It has the advantage of allowing consumers to access the website anytime, anywhere; you do n’t probably bring your computer and samples with you at any time, but it ’s time to mobilize your mobile phone! (For example, it ’s very convenient to talk about business in a coffee shop as long as you take off your mobile phone and display the company's products!

3, mobile website to meet your company introduction anytime, anywhere, to meet your products, click to call your customer service hotline is the same as yours;

4. Mobile website enjoys faster access rate, more convenient and more appropriate user experience than PC website.

5. The mobile website is very suitable for customers who search engine promotion such as Baidu promotion, Sogou promotion, 360 promotion, etc., and put in a confession, it should let him give birth to a greater price; the mobile phone on the computer version of the website is very sad: pictures on the computer version of the website , Pen, stroke, special effects are all appropriate computer viewers, the mobile phone viewer is very sad to urge you to believe it yourself, so it is necessary to be a mobile phone official website, so that mobile phone appreciation is also powerful! Don't copy Witt Wisdom

6. Not only trendy but also surprises: After customers appreciate the touch-screen website, they can dial Telefunk, directly leave a message, and share directly to QQ, Weibo, WeChat, space, etc., which will bring unexpected intention the result of.

7. The two-dimensional code we widely use today, combined with the mobile website, has better results. When a customer scans our website through a QR code, clicking on the website immediately will enter our mobile website to get to know our products and services;

8. Joint marketing with QR code: You can access the company's mobile website by scanning QR code (many smart phones are equipped with QR code scanning software). The QR code replaces the website address and appears anywhere you need to promote it.

9. You can do more: You can hire in the talent market ... A QR code can be printed on the poster, so that people who cannot squeeze in can first scan the QR code to enter the mobile phone official website to know the booth information and corporate environment. You are at the marriage scene ... The poster can be printed with a QR code, so that people who come to celebrate can enter the wedding company's official website by scanning the QR code to get to know more cases, company environment, and collection for easy connection in the future ... You can do more many!

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