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Shiyan mobile website production experts share mobile station optimization tips

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Mobile phone websites have become a topic that more and more people are paying attention to. Although mobile phone websites are also increasing, many of you will have doubts about how to optimize mobile phone websites to be unique. Below, Shiyan mobile phone website production experts share mobile phone station optimization skill:
1. The domain name is as short as possible. The shorter the domain name, the easier it is for users to remember it;
2. Robots are restricted. Baidu spider's UA is Baiduspider (www and wap are the same). Some webmasters often mistakenly think that Baidu's mobile crawler's UA is baiduspider-mobile.
3. Use third-party smart phone service platform construction. The advantage of this platform is that the template is rich and diverse, does not require professional technology, and is supported by a professional team;
4, clear website keywords, of course, the shorter and hotter the better;
5. Whether the page is static, static processing is in place, and access is bullish all the way;
6, attach importance to the link factor, because in a sense, the link factor is more important than the page content, the importance of anchor text is highlighted here;
7, page content friendliness
① The page code is concise, non-redundant, and page compression is required;
② Important content should be displayed in a readable form of text in html instead of being placed in search engine unreadable js and pictures; especially js, the file is too large and affects the speed of opening the web page,
③ The picture size can be adaptive, and it can be well displayed in different screen sizes, and the picture file size must be controlled.
④ TDK tags, the title, description and keywords of the mobile website can be consistent with the PC in most cases. Of course, because of the screen limitation of the mobile device, for a better reading experience, if the title on the PC is too long, you can adjust it appropriately .
The optimization of keywords in website optimization is very important. Knowing the techniques of refining and optimizing keywords can effectively improve the ranking of web pages in search engines.
1.Choose keywords for your website
When we perform SEO, we must first choose keywords for the website to enhance the accuracy of marketing. The number of keywords should not be too much, and generally three are selected for benefit.
2. To show keywords in the URL
URL translates to Uniform Resource Locator, also known as web page address, which is the standard resource address on the Internet. Generally speaking, after determining the positioning of a website, domain names can use the double spelling of the industry keywords or English words, which is generally an ideal state.
3.Implant keywords into the body of the web page
The content of a web page is the specific content to be presented to the user. It can be product information or a blog post.
4.Implant keywords in web snippets
When search engines display search results to users, the title of the web page is displayed first, which again illustrates the importance of embedding keywords in the title of the web page. In general, users will habitually look at the website summary after reading the title. If keywords are embedded in the website summary and the content is designed to be attractive, the website's click-through rate will increase, which will increase the Ranking in search engines.
5, clever use of existing keywords, create keywords if necessary
The so-called existing keywords are those that are commonly used in search engines. It should be noted that keywords are not as hot as possible, because hot means too many users and great competitiveness, so choose some weaker words to do according to the actual situation, so the competitiveness will be small. In addition, try to avoid selecting keywords that have too much coverage, because that will increase the difficulty of optimization. You can use the "Baidu Index" to query the hot and cold degree of the keywords.
The above is the Shiyan mobile website production expert sharing mobile station optimization tips. If you want to know more, please contact Weite Zhizhuo customer service to serve you one-on-one!
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