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Phone screen size determines what to read

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Before the iPhone 6 came out, users who used the iPhone 5 / 5S and iPad, on average, consumed 55% of their content on the iPhone, and 45% used the iPad. In comparison, users who use Android phones (larger screens) and tablets use an average of 80% of their content consumption for mobile phones, and only 20% are allocated to tablets.

This situation has changed since the iPhone 6 was introduced. Pocket summarizes 3 points:

1. The bigger the screen on your phone, the more time you spend reading. Website construction is looking for Weite Zhizhuo

iPhone 6 users spend an average of 72% of their time reading, while iPhone 6 Plus users spend 80% of their time consuming content, which is similar to data from large-screen Android phones. Don't copy Witt Wisdom

2. The larger the screen on your phone, the more content you consume. Website construction is looking for Weite Zhizhuo

iPhone 6 users average 33% more articles than before, and iPhone 6 Plus users consume 65% more content. Please respect the copyright

3. The bigger the phone, the fewer scenarios you will use the iPad.

Dear, COPY is useless!

It's not hard to understand that iPhone 6 users spend 19% less time on iPads than before, and 27% less on weekends. For iPhone 6 Plus users, the time spent on the iPad during the week decreased by 31%, and the weekend decreased by 36%.

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