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What is the difference between a WeChat website and a mobile website?

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The Shiyan mobile website is very important for enterprises, allowing customers to quickly and easily understand the company's situation, product details, service content, etc., so that when companies outsource website construction, they usually consider integrating PC stations and mobile stations. . Mobile phone website construction can realize the sharing of a background management, which can easily update the content of the two clients, more convenient to take care of different customer groups, and set up the troubles of website management.

With the development of mobile website, the construction of WeChat Shiyan website has also developed rapidly. However, since Tencent launched the WeChat service, it launched the WeChat public platform, which will open more resource interfaces to corporate users, but it is becoming more and more chaotic for corporate users. What is the difference between Weiguan ’s website, Weiyan ’s website, Shiyan ’s mobile website, and PC ’s website? What ’s the difference? Especially, what is the difference between WeChat website and Shiyan ’s website?

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Compared with the mobile website, the WeChat website has a WeChat access port. The same points of the WeChat website and the mobile website are the sites that operate on the server. The mobile phone displays the same effect, the same background management, and even the same production. The WeChat website hides the URL of the mobile phone website and directly accesses the URL to the WeChat platform. If you visit the website, you can click WeChat to enter the enterprise icon, and the mobile website is directly entered by entering the URL or QR code. For today's trendy marketing direction, WeChat websites have a broader market prospect. Don't copy Witt Wisdom

Mobile phone website construction and WeChat website construction are both different and related. WeChat website is a fusion innovation of App and website. It is compatible with major mobile operating systems such as iOS and Android. It can easily link with applications such as WeChat and Weibo. It is a new generation of mobile client browsing market that requires browsing experience and interactive performance. website

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