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Understanding and grasp of mobile website design color

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Although the color of Shiyan mobile website design is more theoretical, there are a lot of similar color theory knowledge on the Internet, it is the same, there are many similar articles. Here I want to say that it is specific to the design of Shiyan mobile website . You need to pay attention to the following aspects:

Enterprise customers' industries, products, and things related to products. Each industry has its own characteristics, especially the iconic hue. The industry's logo color can be used throughout the industry, but there may be some small changes in some special circumstances.

The design of Shiyan mobile website is to communicate with customers, do any design, and do not have good communication with customers, what awesome design you think is a bullshit. There is a saying "the customer is God", the customer pays for the money, and the designer contributes to provide effective services for the customer. If you are a mobile website designer, how would you communicate with clients about the website?

First understand the basic situation of the client company, such as the industry in which it works, whether the website is related to the preliminary idea of organizing the client company website, and list the basic matters of the form to communicate with the client on the phone. Understand the needs and improve the previous step of the website. Concept, and combine the needs of customers with the website, further analysis will explain your initial idea of the customer's website and customers, and let customers also participate in discussions to start the design of Shiyan mobile website design, in order to design a website style effect.

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