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What are the core of mobile version website construction?

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1.Lightning loading speed

Web pages must be fast and try to save as much traffic as possible. Consider more for users, thus increasing credibility and brand image. Please respect the copyright

2. The design is based on simplicity and clarity. All rights reserved.

Reorganize the information, and try to clearly convey the content to be communicated with less information. Don't copy Witt Wisdom

3.Take convenience and optimization first

All rights reserved.

Where there are links, leave more blank, large buttons, larger fonts, and buttons at the bottom as much as possible. Pay attention to the user experience.

All rights reserved.

4, vacate, strengthen the theme

Most people who browse the web on mobile devices are not just hanging out. Highlight the theme, let users know what this is all about at a glance, and have a feature that can attract or help users, attract users' attention, and bring more orders.

Dear, COPY is useless!

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Don't copy wtwit's articles

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