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What benefits does opening a business email box bring to the company?

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What benefits does opening a business email box bring to the company? The following are the registered staff of Shiyan Enterprise Mailbox for everyone:

1. Show that your company is large enough and professional enough. The so-called scale does not mean large-scale, in other words, a decent company. As we all know, now is the Internet age, especially for customers in Europe and the United States, e-commerce is very developed, basically a company has its own website and corporate mailbox. This is an essential tool. For those of us who have never met and can only communicate through the Internet, corporate email and websites are like your facade. To put it another way, you use a free mailbox, which will give you an unprofessional feeling, and you will feel like you are not a company, but an individual business. Especially guests from European and American countries. Before they have seen you, or before they visited your factory company, they will try to understand you from your clues. Details can sometimes affect results. You use a free email address and tell customers that our company is one of the top 10 in the industry in ** provinces and is a key company in this industry in China. We have a large scale with thousands of employees and tens of thousands of square meters of factory buildings. , Please, the company you are talking about is so large and so large, why do you still use free email? It ’s like using Alibaba now. I told customers how big our factory is and how good our business is. Our Guests from all over the world, our products are so good to sell. If you are a guest, will you think in your heart: You blow so hard, how can the company be rich, how can you be reluctant to join an honesty? The same thing, the mailbox and Like a website, in a sense, it is the facade of your company and your signboard. Website construction is looking for Weite Zhizhuo

2. Using enterprise mailboxes is relatively safe, and when sent to guests around the world, the greater advantage than free emails is that it is not easy to identify guests' mail systems as "spam" and be delivered To the trash. I don't know if you have experienced it or noticed that a large part of the spam emails we receive are using yahoo. suffix of com. Or if you pay more attention from now on, the spam emails you receive are basically free emails. I especially want Yahoo's free email, easy to apply, universal. Often used by spammers. I was on a foreign e-commerce platform. After registering for membership, I received two such spam emails.

Like the personal mailbox I use now, it's NetEase's paid mailbox. Every time there is spam, all of them will automatically go to the spam folder. The system automatically helps you distinguish. I haven't seen it, just delete it. (I do this because I rarely give my guest this mailbox, so I do n’t worry about the guest ’s letter. Besides, my guests are almost always using their company ’s mailbox, and they will not be filtered into spam. ). So, let ’s change the angle. If you use a free mailbox, you are very likely that your mail has not yet arrived in the guest's inbox. His e-mail service provider or system has filtered your mail into spam. Waiting for your guest assignment. If you are lucky, your guests occasionally open a spam mailbox to check if there is a mistake in the system. You are lucky. If the guest is swift and chaotic, I am sorry that you are still waiting here for the reply from the guest. Don't believe it, ask yourself how you normally handle spam. Also, if you use a paid email address for business transactions, the confidentiality of your information is much greater. It's not easy for someone to steal your important information.

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