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Shiyan Taobao opens a store to teach you how to set up Taobao to promote baby

One-on-one consultation Shiyan Taobao opens a store to teach you how to set up Taobao to promote your baby:

1. First of all, sellers need to pack products, promote, promote, and popularize some popular products before doing Taoke promotion. Only when the sales of products increase, Taoke will be more willing to push. Let him know that it must be right to promote your product.

2. After the product packaging is well promoted, you can set a super commission for these explosive items, and set a reasonable commission according to the store. For example, if a store has a 5% commission and a certain item's commission is set to as high as 20%, it should be lost at a loss to earn traffic. When the traffic enters from a certain product, it will also drive sales of other products. At the same time, the sales of single products will increase, there will be more Taobao to promote.

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