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How to do a good job in Shiyan e-commerce operation?

One-on-one consultation 1. Before opening a store, you need to consider three questions clearly: What products do you have? Who are you selling to? What are your advantages?

2. Opening a store is competition in the final analysis. You can succeed if you have the strength to compete with your peers. For example, you are a well-known brand owner, you have a low-cost source of high-quality goods, you have many loyal fans, you have exclusive resources that your peers can't copy, and you have a very strong ability to fight the price war with your peers.

3. Choose relatively high-quality products, sell them at relatively low prices, provide relatively unique services, and often interact with customers.

4. What kind of shop should I open? flagship store? Specialty store? Is it C shop? It can be said that each type of store has its own advantages and has success, mainly depending on which type of product is more suitable for you. 1 The most well-known brand resources are most suitable for opening Tmall flagship stores; 2 Non-known brands with unique advantages are suitable for opening Taobao corporate stores or Taobao C stores, and Tmall will invite you to open flagship stores when they become well-known brands; The market is suitable for opening a specialty store or franchise store.

5. You need to understand your category. It's best to choose a category you are familiar with, choose a familiar consumer, and choose a familiar product, so that you can sell the product more easily.

6. You need to be the first consumer in your store. Imagine if the products sold in your store cannot attract you to buy yourself, what reason do you have to attract other customers to buy?

7. Your store should have a story. The homogeneity of the store is serious now. If a customer is facing several stores with the same product and the same price, it is difficult for you to attract him to buy in your store. If you are a shop with a story, then you can narrow the distance between customers and you. QQ Consulting
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